MotoGP, Aleix Espargarò: “Sofuoglu has no brain, luckily he’s not in the MotoGP paddock”

The facts about what happened in Austin at the Moto3 race remain in focus. Regarding the incident sparked by Denis Oncu, Kenan Sofuglu also joined the discussion by saying that it would be unfair to punish the young Turkish rider for driving Moto3 like this. He also added: “I teach them not to make contact, but if you don’t overtake you don’t win races. Hamilton and Verstappen are aggressive too.”

However, these words did not escape the attention of Aleix Espargarò, who retweeted one of our articles and said: “Fortunately, this guy is ‘far’ from the MotoGP paddock”. The Aprilia rider then added, during a conversation with a Follower, “I’m absolutely sure, no doubt, that Oncu didn’t do it on purpose, but he’s young so he has to learn. Dorna did the right thing with punishment to teach him, but his manager has no brain so he did the opposite. “

Clear and transparent words from the Spaniard, who did not appreciate the recent remarks of the former SuperSport champion in the least. Finally, to those who claim the accident was due to the high number of riders in Moto3, Aleix said, “I disagree, Oncu changed the line in the middle of the straight from right to left where the other rider was . “And couldn’t disappear”.