“Dall’Igna and I think this is the best season in history” – Claudio Domenicali

With Ducati’s MotoGP season over, Claudio Domenicali has no doubt that this has been the best season in the manufacturer’s history and he’s not the only rider to think so, he said.

“I am completely satisfied with our result, because the most important goal for a company like ours is to develop technologies for use in road models. And I don’t think we’ve ever been able to build a motorcycle like this this year, ”the manufacturer’s managing director told Gazzetta dello Sport.

In retrospect, the person responsible stated that he is not the only one of Ducati’s managers who thinks this way:

– In the eyes of the manufacturer, landing on a Ducati podium like never before in history is of enormous value. Both Gigi Dall’Igna and I think this is the best season in history.

Remember that in addition to rookie of the year, the team also won the world of designers and teams.