“Jack Miller threatened me, but one hot-headed moment I get it” – Joan Mir

After the American MotoGP GP race, upon returning to the garage, Joan Mir and Jack Miller got into an argument. This followed an on-track disagreement between the two after Mir tried to overtake the Spaniard where he eventually touched.

In a press conference, Mir made it clear that there had actually been a discussion with somewhat aggressive words from Miller, but assured that he understood what was happening at this moment of strong emotions and that nothing could point to the behavior of the opponent:

– I stopped on the straight and waited for Jack to blame him and say a few things. He threatened me and did some things. But in a hot-headed moment, I can understand. Jack is a good person. If it were the other way around, I would be angry too. I don’t have to point to him. He just said something like “See you next time!” There is nothing that indicates Jack, he always respects in the race, he is a good rival. Sorry for the maneuver, but I don’t respect the race management’s decision.