“We were two roosters in the hen house; The further we were, the better ”- Jorge Lorenzo and his relationship with Valentino Rossi

Jorge Lorenzo joined MotoGP in 2008 and said goodbye to the World Championship in 2019, before taking on short-term test driver duties at Yamaha in 2020. During this time, his relationship with Valentino Rossi changed several times and today everything is fine between the two ex-motorcycle racers.

When asked how his relationship with the Italian was now, Jorge Lorenzo assured that despite the existing rivalry, there was always a sense of respect on both sides. However, since they are two drivers with title ambitions, Lorenzo found that there was not always warmth.

“There was always a lot of respect on both sides because we both knew that the other was very good, but warmth and a good feeling weren’t always there, that’s for sure. We were two roosters in the Yamaha hen house. The further apart we were, the better. When the other [Rossi or Lorenzo] At Ducati, the mood was better. And now that we’re both retired, it’s completely different, we don’t have to fight for anything anymore. At the ranch he had some details to make me as comfortable as possible, which I really appreciate, ‘he said in an interview with Motosan.