Marquez takes the blame for Martin Silverstone’s MotoGP crash

Martin ran well into the Vale section of the Silverstone circuit on the first lap of 20 at Sunday’s British GP, allowing Marquez to turn inside again at the next corner.

But Marquez crashed into Martin and took both of them out of the running.

Marquez admits his move was “too optimistic” and says he was caught by Martin returning to the racing line after an overflow.

“I want to apologize to Martin because it was completely my fault,” said Marquez.

“I was too optimistic about overtaking. It’s true that it was a strange situation because [Fabio] Quartararo and Martin went far, very far, and I assume Martin was more out of it.

“And I just prepared the corner and then straightened the bike because I didn’t have time to shift into second gear.

“I switched to the second [gear] but i didn’t have time to shift into third gear, so the calculation wasn’t correct, so completely my mistake.

“It’s true, that was the first lap, I was too optimistic. My mistake, I apologize to Martin, to the Pramac team. But races are sometimes like that and today it was my mistake.”

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Martin accepted Marquez’s apology but was still “disappointed” that his race was “destroyed” by the Honda rider who felt he could have been fighting for victory.

“You can see the pictures and … I’m disappointed with today because I felt super strong, even when I watch the pace at which I would have fought for second or maybe the win,” said Martin.

“I don’t know, but I would have been there. At that moment it’s a bit difficult to describe, but I was really inside and felt the contact, so yes. Anyway. It’s about races and the next. “

“He came to apologize, that’s really good on his part, but he ruined my race.

“And that is the main problem. He didn’t measure it properly, there was no place and I hope he can learn from it and learn for the future.”

Martin refused to comment on whether Marquez deserved a penalty, only hoping “the race management will do the work”.

“It’s not my business [to give penalties], I hope the race management will do the job, “added Martin.

“I dont know. He could do the pass and be a little closer.

“I don’t know why he put the bike back up, I don’t understand because he was able to move and was already inside.

“He went too far and pushed me out. I don’t understand. The penalty is none of my business.”