MotoGP, Mick Doohan: “Marquez is not fit at the moment and the Honda has gone off the track”

Mick Doohan knows what it is like to be badly injured and then go back to racing. The Australian risked his career being prematurely abandoned but then managed to be stronger than before and win five titles in the 500cc. For Marc Marquez Mick is a role model and the Spaniard himself has explained in the past how talking with him helped.

Speaking on In The Fast Lane podcast, Doohan talked about the troubles the Honda rider is facing.

“I think Marc is really not fit at the moment and the Honda is a little off the track, it is clearly not the bike that it used to be – he explained – Marc is just starting to get some physical strength in his right arm so I think that was the problem, the maneuverability and the way he needs to drive so he adapts to that too and is in Left turns are certainly better, the power and flexibility come into the right hand ”.

For Mick, Marquez will be able to return to what he was.

“He’s still young, but he’s still not able to ride the way he was. With his talent and if Honda can get the bike back, he will certainly have what it takes to fight for at least one more world title. ” he concluded.