MotoGP, more races and fewer tests: this is how MotoGP will change

The number of races will increase while the number of test days will decrease. This is the direction in which the Grand Prix Commission goes when it comes to the future of MotoGP. On October 7th, the commission met and decided to reduce the number of test days for teams and drivers

The first change is that from 2020 the two-day test after the last race in Valencia as well as the test before the opening race in Qatar will be canceled from 2021.

This means that next year after the end of the season, drivers will only be able to test in Jerez from November 19-20, and only from February 6-8 in Sepang until winter 2021.

There is a possibility that three test days on Lombok, Indonesia, will be added when the route is included on the 2021 calendar.

It has yet to be decided on which tracks the two one-day tests will be held on the Monday after the race.

Last but not least, there will likely be a two-day test at Misano at some point during the season.

Below is the updated test calendar for the 2020 and 2021 seasons: