MotoGP, Puig confirms that Marquez will have a medical around Christmas then they will decide

The big absentee from these tests was Marc Marquez. Honda brought its heavy artillery with a very different bike for 2022, but unfortunately its star rider wasn’t there. The Spaniard is struggling with double vision and he certainly can’t drive in these conditions.

However, the worst thing is that it is not even known when and how they will solve the problem. The idea seems to be to only resort to surgery when absolutely necessary, in the hope that other treatments can solve the problem.

Albert Puig gave a current state of affairs: “As we explained earlier, he needs some time to rest, recover and understand if the area around the eye is being drained. Around Christmas he will have another medical check and we will see what the situation will be like. At this point we will probably make decisions based on the existing possibilities. Of course, Marc is not happy not to be here, but at the same time he understands that he needs calm and patience now.”