MotoGP, Fabrizio Cecchini leaves Aprilia: “I need a reset, like a PC”

After more than 30 years in the paddock, in every imaginable technical role in a World Championship team and with various important triumphs, Fabrizio Cecchini will take a break at the end of December when his contract expires.

I need to reset like you do with computers. I want to turn it off and on again to start over with new initiatives, always in the paddock. I have nothing new ahead of me and that’s why I want to wait for the proposal that interests me‘ explained Fabrizio – a MotoGP veteran, as well as one of the most popular technicians in the paddock and the backbone of the Gresini team for many years.

“I’m going to do it like soccer coaches… I’m looking for new stimuli and thanks to all those (and there are many) who have worked with me so far to build the best teams,” he concluded.