MotoGP, Marc Marquez returns: The Spaniard pushes the Honda RCV213 to the limit

After the first tentative steps, often documented on social media, Marc Marquez decided to raise the bar. After getting the OK from his doctors to push his right arm to the limit, Marc quickly transitioned from a bike to a minimoto and then straight to what’s closest to a MotoGP bike, the Honda RCV213 S. the street version of the bike that earned him track titles, beating Lorenzo, Rossi and Dovizioso.

The first video released this morning only documented Marc entering the track, while there is also plenty of action on the track in this second video. It’s great to see Santi Hernandez, Marquez’s longtime chief engineer, on the race wall taking lap times almost as if it were official practice. Between driving the Honda V4 to the limit on the straights and making rapid changes of direction in Barcelona, ​​the images certainly look like the perfect prelude to what we’ll see in Qatar.

It’s hard to imagine Marc not being present in FP1 of the first Grand Prix. He wanted to be there and now we are almost certain that he will be there. We cannot understand what the sensations were just by looking at these pictures. But knowing the Spaniard’s determination, it’s hard to believe after watching this video that he hasn’t yet made up his mind to show up at Losail to clinch the title.