MotoGP, Miller: “Blind corners and in 6th gear, we’ll have good races at Mandalika”

The MotoGP riders received a very warm welcome when they arrived in Indonesia, on the island of Lombok. But they were in for a big surprise when they got on the track this morning. The conditions of the asphalt were terrible, dirty beyond belief.

“I started testing early,” Jack Miller explained. “And, for the first three, four laps, the situation wasn’t that bad. But, then, at the second corner, it felt like there was mud. The wheels slipped all over the place. At that point, there was nothing left to do but ride to clean it, and that’s what we did. in the end, the conditions weren’t that bad. We’ll see tomorrow, hoping that the rain doesn’t wash away all the rubber we left on the asphalt today.”

Despite this problem, Ducati’s rider from Australia really liked Mandalika.

“In some areas, it reminds me a bit of Argentina,” he said. “There’s a bit of everything. Some points are very technical. You don’t see fourth, fifth, sixth gear corners that much nowadays, and the seventh is blind. You don’t know where it’s taking you, but there’s a great ride-off area. I think we’re going to have some fun races.”

Miller was the best-placed Ducati rider today, with the 6th fastest time, and the GP22 seems to like the Indonesian track, too.

“IT went well,” he confirmed. “Today we worked a bit on the geometry, because it’s quite a different circuit from Sepang.We also understood more things because we’ll find these conditions, with little grip and strong wind, in the first race in Qatar as well. We tried to work to make the bike more stable. It was a difficult but very important day.”