MotoGP, Dovizioso recons news of Rossi becoming a dad has had more effect than his retirement

Fourteenth, just seven tenths from Alex Rins’ fastest lap. That’s the way it is today in MotoGP, it doesn’t take much to find yourself behind. More indicative, however, for Dovizioso is the comparison with his brand mates: Morbidelli is the best Yamaha, with the fifth fastest time, about four tenths away, while the reigning world champion, Quartararois 8th at less than five tenths.

“How did it go? I might be banal but the first race is always a bit special – Andrea replied with a smile – There is always more tension. But then we finished the sessions well with used tyres, we also improved the braking, and in the second session I got even closer, with race tires. The reality is that everyone wanted to set times so very little work was done for the race and therefore the result is that you couldn’t really understand anything…”.

Dovi hasn’t changed one bit. He is always analytical; he always has an explanation.

“I got closer to the others, in terms of speed – he explained – I’d say pretty good. This is today’s MotoGP, as for the gap I’m getting closer and closer, but it’s still not enough. Unfortunately, FP3 won’t be of any use to get into the top ten… and I don’t know how much we can improve tomorrow”.

The problem, however, does not seem to be top speed which sees the Yamaha M1 lagging behind the rest of the MotoGP manufacturers.

“Speed ​​is a limit when it comes to fighting in the race, more than for the flying lap – he explained – Honestly, the speeds are the same as last year. And if I were to change anything it wouldn’t be speed. What would I change? I’ve been saying this since the start: I would like more grip in the rear. I did a few laps behind Zarco: speed will have an effect in the race, because without speed you have to change your strategies. “

Then prompted on what was the news of the day, the birth of little Giulietta Rossi, Andrea Dovizioso came out with his one of his truest and sincerest smiles.

“Valentino a dad? It has more effect than his retirement. Until recently he didn’t think about it. Of course, I’m pleased, it will be a wonderful experience for him, I went through that some time ago. Giulietta arriving at the right time just confirms that there is always a reason for everything that happens”.