Raul Fernandez, Miguel Oliveira and someone from Moto2 would be Chicho Lorenzo’s choices for Yamaha

Chicho Lorenzo liked to see profound changes in the Yamaha universe in MotoGP, and explained that if he were the one to manage the riders, he would fire Franco Morbidelli, Andrea Dovizioso and Darryn Binder, and bring in Raul Fernandez, Miguel Oliveira and someone new addition to Moto2, while at the same time guaranteeing Fabio Quartararo profound changes to the bike.

The father of the former rider of the japanese manufacturer explained on YouTube ‘Motogepeando’, some of the changes he would make, if he could: ‘I would change these three riders and I would say to them: ‘You are leaving and I am looking for new blood’. He would apologize to Quartrararo for not having improved the bike and still: ‘Hey Quartararo, let’s fight for you to have the bike you deserve because on the track you are the best rider now and you deserve a bike to win with it”.

And he would explain who he put in their places: ‘I would sign three young riders and explain to them that they would be paid according to the results. I would try to bring Raul Fernandez, who I love. I would include Miguel Oliveira, who is interesting to have his point of view on the evolution of the bike, and I would also look at someone new to Moto2, a rider who saw that he was working’.

On what he expects for the future of MotoGP this year, he left a brief thought: ‘I don’t think there will be many changes, but we will have some important surprises out there. And well, let’s see what happens with riders who are new to the category’.