MotoGP, Quartararo: “I will avoid any unnecessary risks, but you have to take some”

by Mattia Caimi

Fabio Quartararo will start from fifth place on the grid after being the protagonist in qualifying, getting directly into Q2. The Frenchman saw his last lap time canceled due to a yellow flag following Pol Espargaro’s crash at Turn 15, which also happened to Marc Marquez, and by a whisker was unable to make the last flying lap.

“I’m super happy with the result, because yesterday my position wasn’t the best, but we found some improvements and this morning in the wet we managed to finish less than a tenth behind Miguel Oliveira. In mixed conditions, where we struggled more, we made a fifth place. They also canceled the last lap where I was improving but the worst thing was not being able to do the last lap by two seconds. “

What were the track conditions like? There were a lot of crashes.

“To be honest in my opinion it was dangerous to lap in Q1, while in Q2 it was third. The white line was really dangerous to touch and many riders fell, first Gardner and then Fernandez, Bagnaia and Bastianini. In Q2 it went better but there were three dangerous corners. “

There is a descent here after the start, will it help you with the engine or it won’t change anything?

“Normally the start is not a problem, we suffer from fourth gear onwards. The problems at the start will be at Mugello or Barcelona where you get to the first corner with a lot of speed. Engine management at the start is a problem related to the manual clutch management by the rider and not by the bike, engine power is not important. “

Do you think you can get in front at the first corner?

“The start of this year has never been a problem, but since we came here I have only had bad starts, let’s hope that the race will go better.”

The crashes by Enea and Pecco are an example of how a mistake can be very costly in a long season like this. Does this affect your qualifying?

“No not at all. Last year at Silverstone I crashed and hit my hip hard. It can happen, but if you think about these possibilities you can’t get a good result. These are things that happen, the only thing to avoid is taking unnecessary risks, but when you have to push hard, you have to take some risks.”

Twenty-one races are a lot, the risks increase…

“Yes, it’s nice to have more races but for us the risks increase. Today there were four crashes which led to fractures. This means you lose a lot of points, which can take you out of many races and the fight for the championship. “

Can you tell us what you found to improve the feeling with the rear?

“We realized we couldn’t keep the rear tire up to temperature, which was exactly the area where I lacked the most confidence. This morning in the wet we loaded the rear more to warm it up and from the first lap, right from the start, I felt better. Which is very good because yesterday I struggled a lot, they asked me why I was so calm. A few races ago I finished in 20th position in any condition, something in my head was broken, but now I’m very calm and everything is better. “

Who do you see tomorrow as favorite?

“I made two podiums last year, but the top 5 have the pace to make the podium. Both Aleix and Zarco and Miller were very fast last year. They all have the potential to fight for good positions.”

Other riders you see fighting for the win?

“Marc for sure, but Rins will also be almost even if he starts far behind. There are many riders who can fight for the podium and the victory. “