MotoGP, Uncini admits error regarding FIM’s silence on Zeltweg accident

It’s incredible but there still hasn’t been an official call for Johann Zarco and Franco Morbidelli, who were involved in last Sunday’s dangerous accident at the Red Bull Ring.

Probably, with a culpable delay, the FIM is writing a notice at this exact moment to call in the two riders on Thursday, at the same circuit, but Franco Uncini FIM’s safety officer, still knew nothing about it yesterday.

`”You’re right, a notice should have been given, “he told us by phone. I’ll speak with the President about it personally.

The problem is always the same. We’re not talking about the Race Direction’s responsibility here, or of the FIM’s press office that is, however, non-existent as far as the MotoGP is concerned, but only present as a general office.

The fact is that they lack procedures and, as we know, these are necessary in every legal system.

In a case like this, if the panel of judges – Freddie Spencer, Bill Cumbow, and Ralf Bohnhorst – sees something that’s not clear, they should immediately communicate it and issue a kind of “notice of inquiry”, which a delegated office should draft, deliver to all the interested parties and, obviously, communicate it to the media for transparency.

Having said that, the situation is slowly coming together. Yesterday, Zarco and Morbidelli exchanged messages via social networks, starting to make amends. Franco had metaphorically asked for his head, but it’s not clear what the Race Direction can do if not generally judge Zarco guilty of dangerous maneuvers. A theory that will, however, be refuted by the Avintia team, thanks to the telemetry data.

A race accident is the most probable hypothesis, perhaps with some ancillary sanctions. And, like any race accident, the aftermath remains. Zarco, for example, returned to Italy because an x-ray at the Judenburg hospital revealed a scaphoid fracture. He’ll have surgery tomorrow morning in Modena, performed by doctors Tarallo and Catani. Let’s also remember that Cal Crutchlow was recently operated for a similar problem after a fall in Jerez and then raced regularly in the Andalucia GP.

As it was in that case, with the set-ups and much of the work already performed, Zarco could even give up a few laps of the practice sessions so he doesn’t tire his right hand.