France MotoGP: Quartararo: Looking at the result we had, I can say it was fun | MotoGP

Fabio Quartararo’s first wet weather MotoGP podium sees him regain the championship lead from Francesco Bagnaia by one point after finishing third in Le Mans.

The Monster Energy Yamaha rider enjoyed a much improved second wet race at Le Mans after last season’s difficult tenth place result.

And with the dry start to the race, it was also the first flag-to-flag race of his career.

The holeshot device was talked about at length before the race with some riders electing to use it and some not. Quartararo was one of those who deployed it which he discussed when summing up his home GP.

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Quartararo said: “Well, honestly the first lap was good. With the holeshot device in the front corner I was going so wide and I thought I was not going to turn.

“Maverick [Vinales] passed me on the inside, but yeah, it was starting to rain and I saw Jack [Miller] catch Maverick so almost, then we had a great battle with Jack and arriving in turn nine was like proper rain.

“When braking I lost a bit the front and then the rear released everything, so from turn nine to the pit lane I just go straight and be gentle with the gas.

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“Then going into the pit lane I was looking at the number on the ground and was first going to Bastianini’s box, then I say, ‘It’s not this one’ and I turned in the correct one but I stopped on the wrong bike and then had a long lap penalty.

“In the mixed conditions all the weekend we were not able to finish in the top ten, even top 15. I’m really pleased about my first podium on the wet in MotoGP, also in Moto2 and Moto3 I never had one and it was good to do it in the French GP.”

Quartararo was clearly happy with the result following the 22 lap event as he called the podium ‘like a win’, but joked that ‘one time is enough’ in regards to doing a flag-to-flag race.

“Looking at the result we had now I can say it was fun, but it was so difficult and stressful,” said the 22 year-old.

“I stop, then got the wrong bike, then a long lap penalty and the first five laps were so difficult to ride. I think it’s less stressful going from slick to wet than wet to slick. One time is enough [laughs].”