MotoGP, Gresini’s wife: ‘I could see Fausto through a window’

Yesterday we published the news of the first ‘meeting’ between Fausto Gresini and his wife, Nadia Padovani. Many people wrote to us asking how it was possible, given the impossibility of accessing Covid patients. Here is the answer that Fausto’s wife published on her Facebook profile.

Good morning, everyone, and thank you for your support at this terrible time.
I wanted to clarify why I was able to see my husband
Inside the intensive care unit of the Maggiore hospital there is a “BUBBLE”, a safe and clean area where relatives can stay and see and communicate with their loved ones through a glass window, so it is not necessary to wear special clothing because there is a recirculation of air and a situation without danger.
This is an area that other wards either do not have or could not create.
My children and I are close to all the people and their loved ones who, like us, are experiencing and suffering this dramatic situation.

Photo: Facebook profile