Moto – News, Godspeed Sir Stirling Moss, a legend has left us at 90

When a legend passes away, we are all saddened, and this is especially true for Sir Stirling Moss. His wife announced his passing. Stirling had won 212 of the 529 races he was in, in each category, and he’s still remembered today because, despite having won 16 Grand Prixs, he never won the F1 title, even if he was vice world champion four times: in 1955, ’56, ’57, and ’59.

Because of a discourtesy by the Drake – who had invited him to an F.2 race, where the car was instead then given to Taruffi – Moss particularly enjoyed the times when he managed to beat the Ferraris, especially if driving an English car.

Injured in a serious accident at Goodwood in 1962, when he returned to racing after thirty days, only to realize that he was no longer the same, he retired, while remaining active on the circuit until 2011.

His fame is demonstrated by the fact that, for many years, British police officers who would stop motorists on the street for speeding would ask: “Who do you think you are, Stirling Moss?”

He didn’t work as a rider, he was a rider, his whole life.

“He died like he lived, with a wonderful appearance,” his wife, Lady Moss, said. “In the end, he simply got tired and closed his beautiful eyes, that’s all.”

“All I did back then was arrive, try the car, race, and then chase after some girl or do whatever I wanted. It was a fabulous life.”

Godspeed Sir Moss.