Yamaha tests ‘power steering’ system on its motorcycles

Yamaha’s latest design will be making a revolutionary change in the motorcycle world.

Yamaha - Power Steering System

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In an effort to achieve the best stability, especially when riding a motorcycle at high speeds, Yamaha is testing a prototype of the latest steering system on a ‘dirt bike’ machine.

Named the ‘Yamaha EPS Steering Support System’, this latest system combines the functions of ‘steering damper’ and ‘power steering assist’.

The prototype combines a ‘torque sensor’, a magnet and an ‘actuator’ which then acts as a ‘steering damper’ at high speeds and a ‘steering assist at low speeds.

Not only that, but the system can also act as a self-balancing apparatus when combined with the IMU.

Interestingly, Yamaha has already applied the system to its line of electric motorcycle models. This latest step is an attempt to identify whether the same system is suitable to be applied to other high-powered motorcycles.

According to Yamaha, AllJapan Yamaha Factory Race Team rider Jay Wilson is testing the system on the Yamaha YZ250 and YZ450F.

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