Fermin Aldeguer: Moto2 European Champion at 16 years old

Fermin Aldeguer

Source: Team Ciatti | Fermin Aldeguer

At the Circuito de Jerez, Fermín Aldeguer, the phenomenon from Murcia known in Spain as ‘Martian’, became the European Moto2 Champion this Sunday.

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Aldeguer is the youngest driver ever to win the title in this category, and with nine victories in ten races, he is going to the last race with the title assured. The Boscoscuro Talent Team Ciatti driver has simply been unrivaled this season and the numbers prove it. Interestingly, the only race he didn’t win was the one that gave him the title. In Jerez, he won the first heat and at that moment he was at the point of making history. In his last race, he didn’t want to miss the sweet taste of victory and did everything he could to stop his teammate, Alonso López, from winning. He failed to do so and finished second, losing his first win of the season by less than a half-second. Here is the league table with the round in Valencia is yet to come:

Source: https://pt.motorcyclesports.net

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