MotoGP, BREAKING NEWS: Dislocated shoulder for Rins, weekend already over

No good news from Jerez for Alex Rins and Suzuki. He seemed in lots of pain after his fall in the final portion of the Q2, and the first results from the track’s medical center weren’t the most encouraging.

Rins, in fact, dislocated his right shoulder. The displacement was reduced at the medical center, other X-rays also revealed a fracture of the humeral head with a suspected acromioclavicular joint separation. The next step will be to perform an MRI, in order to better understand the anatomical situation of the entire area.

This is certainly a negative situation for the Spanish rider who, in all probability, will be declared unfit in view of tomorrow’s Grand Prix, and it will be a race against time to see him on the track next week on the same Andalusian track.