Petrucci: “Today was hard and long, I don’t know how I didn’t get lost”

With the first stage of Ha’il, Danilo Petrucci is also finally in the heart of the Dakar. The KTM rider from Terni ended Sunday with a 13th time, doing better than many big names like Barreda and Benavides, who made mistakes in calculating the course.

Once he arrived at the bivouac, Petrux talked about how his first real day of competition went: “It was important to finish the stage today without problems,” he said. “I imagined it would be long, but not that long. I feel pain in my ankle, so I rode with only one leg, since I use the right one only to brake.”

If, on the one hand, he had to grit your teeth, on the other, he was aware of the work carried out: “I managed not to get lost, unlike many big names,” he added. “I honestly don’t know why, even if the traces left on the ground by those who passed before me were helpful. But we’re only at the beginning, and it’s tough if I have to think about what awaits me for the next twelve days. Tomorrow we’ll be taking off at night, and we’ll see what happens. I prefer not to look at the rankings but instead try to enjoy the adventure without getting lost.”