Retro-modern motorcycle GPX POPz 110 enters the Japanese market

The GPX POPz 110 is Thailand’s latest project and is set to enter the Japanese market to challenge the Honda Cub market.

GPX Popz 110

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Thailand is indeed one of the countries famous for making modifications to classic motorcycles. There are many versions of the Honda Cub that have been modified and gained world recognition.

The interest in making modifications to classic and retro motorcycles is one of the main objectives of Thai motorcycle manufacturers. With that being said, GPX has introduced the PopZ 110.

Although the brand is considered less known in other countries, GPX has gotten the attention of many consumers in Thailand and several other Asian countries including Japan.

In the latest development, GPX is ready to challenge the Cub motorcycle market in Japan through its GPX POPz 110.

While the Honda Cub features retro features, the POPz 110 combines modern and classic features while creating a different aura. Although there is a Cub element, the POPz 110 apparently manages to bring its own image and is not accused of being an artificial Cub.

The GPX POPz 110 is powered by a 109cc single-cylinder engine with air cooling and is mated to a semi-automatic 5-speed transmission.

The bike also comes with a front telescopic fork, 220mm front disc brakes and rear drum brakes and alloy rims. It features LED lights, an LCD semi-digital meter, DID 428D chain and has a weight capped at 100kg.

The GPX POPz 110 is priced at JPY264,000 (RM9.4K) in Japan while in Malaysia, this modern retro motorcycle is priced at RM5,200 only.

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