Peugeot develops new adventure scooter to compete with Honda ADV350

Peugeot is looking to join Honda and Kymco by releasing its own adventure scooter based on the Metropolis 400.


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French automotive company, Peugeot is ready to take the first step in the adventure scooter segment by introducing an all-new model that will compete with the Honda ADV350.

Like the ADV350 and Kymco DT X360, the Peugeot ADV scooter also offers the same practical features but with off-road capabilities. Similar to the Honda ADV350, which shares the same platform as the Forza 350, Peugeot also developed its ADV scooter from the popular model, the Metropolis 400.

This means that the new model will be powered by a 400cc single-cylinder engine that offers 36hp and 38Nm.

The overall look of the scooter features rugged elements, with high windshields and ‘beaks’ that are mandatory on all such motorcycles.

Despite offering ADV features, based on the images shared, the exhaust pipeline is clearly in an exposed position compared to the ADV350. However, ADV DNA appears to be more prominent on this model, especially with the presence of spoke type rims (skewers) compared to alloys on other competitors.

There is no confirmation when this model will be introduced but looking at the full image shared, it is almost certain that Peugeot will launch this model soon.

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