‘Yamaha in Japan is starting to be more open-minded’ – Massimo Meregalli

Recently, Yamaha bet on Luca Marmorini for its MotoGP structure as a consultant. He is an engineer with experience in Formula 1 with Ferrari, but his signing goes beyond his past.

The Iwata manufacturer makes his structure for the premier class a little more European, admitting experts from the ‘Old Continent’ rather than sticking to his Japanese part in the engine department.

Massimo Meregalli, team manager, said at a press conference that there seems to be, in fact, a change of mindset at Yamaha, with more openness, something that is a reason for confidence for the future: ‘Hopes are not only about this new synergy , but also about how they likely changed their minds in Japan. They always work internally but are now starting to be more open minded and focused on improving the bike and the results. I certainly hope to see some results from this new collaboration, probably at the end of the season because they are already working, as you can imagine, next year. But I’m happy and very confident’.