‘It started raining at the wrong moment; In Indonesia we fight for the win and here…’ – Massimo Meregalli

Fabio Quartararo remains in the lead in the MotoGP world but by a small margin, and Massimo Meregalli regretted the rain that fell mainly at the “wrong” moment, especially after the rain forecast for (all) the weekend, and left a question in the air, recalling the good performance of the #20 in Indonesia.

The Yamaha team manager spoke about the weekend, and how bad luck came at a particularly bad time: ‘When we arrived here, we expected all sessions to be wet, but unfortunately it started raining at the wrong moment. The race became a complete gamble because the riders didn’t have any wet track time beforehand to prepare themselves and their bikes. It ended up badly for us, especially for Fabio. […]’.

Then Meregalli recalled how the situation changed during the race and increased the difficulties for Yamaha, and recalled precisely the last round where the rain was more felt, in Mandalika:

– It became dryer lap by lap, making the mixed conditions more difficult for us. We need to understand why in Indonesia we fight for the win in rainy conditions and here it’s the totally opposite. We are leaving Thailand feeling disappointed.