Next Race Starts On 3rd May 2020!

MotoGP Update: Due to ongoing coronavirus outbreak various GPs have been postponed. Here is the Updated 2020 MotoGP calendar.

MotoGP Calendar 2020 |  MotoGP 2020 Calendar Schedule

New MotoGP Calendar 2020

It all started a few weeks back with Qatar MotoGP, followed by Thai GP, Americas GP and Argentina GP yesterday. Looking at the latest MotoGP calendar update 2020, the next MotoGP season is scheduled for 3rd May 2020. If all goes to plan, the Spanish GP would be the closest race in the calendar. In case you didn’t realize the next race is 8 weeks away! However, at this rate, we really can’t put a finger on which race would get postponed next.

See the latest updated MotoGP 2020 calendar as of 12th March 2020. Follow us and we will keep you posted on the latest updates and changes to the 2020 MotoGP calendar.

calendar motogp 2020 schedule

MotoGP Calendar 2020

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