MotoGP – Marquez will have a corner with his name at Motorland

marc marquez corner

About a year ago someone asked Marc Marquez if he had a corner with his name, what corner would it be. The MotoGP champion expressed his wish to have his name at Phillip Island turn 3, but that one is already taken by Casey Stoner, so the Repsol Honda rider opted instead for Motorland Aragon’s turn 10.

So, the Spanish race track management decided to grant Marquez his wish, and on the 20th of September turn 10 will be named after Marc Marquez, a fast-left hand corner that Marquez enjoys a lot.

Marc Marquez is the most successful rider in Motorland, with a total of 4 wins, one in Moto2 and three in MotoGP.

This will be the second corner in Motorland Aragon to get a name after a motorcycle rider. Carlos Checa is the other rider to have his name on a corner, in his case turn 3.