“Being part of the riders’ growth is worth every sacrifice”

Milena tells us that out of the many roles that she covered in the paddock, each job had interesting peculiarities, but what unites them all are the relationships they develop. “I like to follow the riders in their professional growth. For example, I worked with Cal Crutchlow for some time,” she says, recalling the peculiarities of her relationship. “The day after we were no longer members of the same team, Cal said to me: ‘Finally we can be friends’. When you work with a rider, you have to tell him to do things he doesn’t want to. For this there cannot be too much friendliness, it takes a level of detachment because he respects what you tell him. That’s why I think every rider is very special.” Adding, “but, at the same time, it is inevitable that you create human relationships with your colleagues, this is an unusual job, you spend most of your time with them.”

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