Schwantz: recognition, rivalry and food fights

“We used to race, the classic example, when we raced at Assen the race would finish on the Saturday afternoon, we’d go to their hospitality unit, have dinner and whatever and then as riders, we’d all stay in our motorhomes that night – long after the paddock had cleared. It was too late to go anywhere so we’d pick somebody’s motorhome and we’d go sit outside and have some beers! We’d have a bit of back and forth a bit about the race but at the end of it all, you’d see Lawson, myself, Rainey, Doohan and Gardner sitting down, having a drink together and ending up at a dinner somewhere… Jerez, the classic example, that restaurant outside the front gate, all the teams went there in 89 after Lawson won and there was the biggest food fight that we all got in trouble for!”

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