MotoGP, Joan Mir: “I chose Suzuki because I want to be like Kevin Schwantz.”

2020 is here. The Sepang tests will start in a little over two weeks and the bikes are ready to be showcased. There is many strangers in the MotoGP paddock and many questions that drivers and teams have to answer. However, when we look back on 2019, we can easily say that it was Marc Marquez’s year (almost boring in its perfection), along with that of Lorenzo’s retirement and that of Rookies, led by Fabio Quartararo. The progress of the French newbie has on the one hand covered all other newcomers and on the other hand has shown that the new generation can fight against it out with the best in the category. Those who fully fit into this dual role are Suzuki’s driver Joan Mir, who had an unsteady but still important year.

I’m a rookie and I rate my first season in MotoGP like a rookie. I’ve had great performances. Sometimes I was very fast, “the Spanish talent told” But then I made mistakes. I also had a serious injury. In short, a lot has happened this year. ”

However, the results weren’t that bad for either Me, who finished the season with 92 points (skip two races) and in 12th place. Perhaps the only mistake is its more complete Lack of podiums and comparison with his teammate , Rins, who brought Suzuki home 2 wins and slightly more than doubled the points.

“The year has passed Exceeded my expectations anyway. I have improved a lot. My goal was to be the top 15 in the first few races, the top 10 at the end of the year andIn 2020 I aim to be in the top 5 in the class. There are a lot of things to learn in this category, from time management over the weekend to tires. ”

The move to MotoGP was Mir’s fourth year in the world championship. A very quick climb from Moto3 (which he won in 2017) to the top class, even better than Quartararo, which took him five years.

My course was very quick. I think it’s a record or we’re close. I have to check. I never expected to be in MotoGP in 4 years. I am very happy. I would have loved to have spent another year in Moto2 fighting for the title, but I can’t complain. ”

Did you have any other options last year?

“Yes a pair. But I chose Suzuki because one day I would like to be like Kevin Schwantz. Maybe we could talk about it after I won several world championships with this bike. ”

You’re going to start the Sepang tests this year, then there are those first GP in Qatar. Do you remember how you felt last year?

“I was very nervous before the race. By the time I entered the world championship in 2016, Marquez was already very strong, Lorenzo had just won the world championship and Rossi had been a legend for some time. Riding with them seemed like a dreambut as soon as the lights went out, all I thought of was horseback riding. However, when I think back to the minutes before, I can say that I’ve never been so nervous in my life. “