Yamaha and MotoGP agree new NMAX paddock scooter deal

MOTOGP paddock scooters continue to be supplied by Yamaha in the form of the new and updated 2021 NMAX 125 – a top seller in the UK and Europe.

Yamaha started delivering scooters to the MotoGP paddock back in 2005 and has become the official and exclusive scooter supplier for all teams in the paddock. This contract has been extended so that MotoGP employees can travel safely and efficiently in the world’s paddock.

A fleet of 25 125cc NMAX machines will be delivered to Dorna Sports for use in all laps of the MotoGP calendar, starting with the final lap in Portugal in Portimão.

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Paolo Pavesio, Marketing and Motorsport Director of Yamaha Motor Europe NV:

“Yamaha has been the official supplier of scooters to Dorna Sports and the FIM MotoGP World Championship since 2005. We are proud that this partnership will continue into 2021.

Yamaha will deliver a fleet of the updated NMAX 125, a scooter that is a best seller in both Europe and Asia with excellent agility, simple stability, generous built-in storage and its sporty Yamaha DNA, perfectly tailored to the needs of MotoGP -Driver warehouse. “

MotoGP and Yamaha sign paddock scooter supplier agreement

Pau Serracanta, Managing Director of Dorna Sports:

“We are delighted to continue our long-standing agreement with Yamaha and remain on board as the championship’s official scooter supplier. Yamaha is supplying high quality, reliable scooters for Dorna employees to use in the MotoGP paddock and handling the logistics of the running the fastest motorcycle world championship in the world, which is much more efficient.

I am really looking forward to driving one of the new NMAX scooter fleets, as are all of our local colleagues. “

We attended the NMAX 125cc press conference in the UK earlier this year to test the 125cc machine and thought it was great fun to ride around town on a scooter with automatic start-stop technology , Traction control and the highest level of comfort, the MotoGP The paddock doesn’t want to get off them!

In saying this, I’m not sure if Fabio Quartararo will be too eager to trade Yamahas, considering the shape he’s in.