MotoGP, Agostini: “Stopping the qualification was the right thing to do. The wind made it too risky.”

The decision to cancel the qualifications and possibly have them on Sunday did not surprise Giacomo Agostini. who came to Australia to “officiate” a dinner dedicated to MV Agusta.

“You did the right thing because it was impossible to practice safely” said the 15-time world champion. “It’s not just a question of MotoGP performance. In my day we might have reached 270 km / h, though The problem isn’t speed. The Moto2 reaches 290 and you reach 340 in the premier class, however The danger comes from the gusts of wind. If it were constant you could be racing, but as Oliveira’s fall proved, a gust can move you two meters and throw you off the track. “

When he raced, Agostini was one of the first to worry about safety. It was different then than it is today.

“The risk of death was the norm, especially for British drivers. But at some point I put my foot down and stopped the TT. And I had already won 10. Of course I keep it close to my heart, I still go there … and now.” it’s different. It’s become an international race and only those who want to race do it. Once upon a time there was a world championship race, you had to go. “

Giacomino’s memory repertoire is full of anecdotes.

“Once, at the old Nürburgring, Alberto Pagani stopped and stood in the middle of the track to stop us all. It had started to snow. I can’t imagine what would have happened if he hadn’t. If you hadn’t to do.” Consider the risk, there were wonderful routes at the time. Francorchamps was one, but you couldn’t afford to fall. “