France MotoGP: Vinales third fastest in Le Mans, ‘we have a really good rhythm’ | MotoGP

Maverick Vinales made it into the top three with two Monster Energy Yamaha riders in a surprisingly dry MotoGP FP2 session at Le Mans today.

The first RP started as expected – wet, grippy, and tricky, which Vinales found out firsthand when he crashed while exiting the box late in the session.

When asked about the crash, Vinales added: “Well, actually I just switched from soft wet tires to medium-wet tires and was too optimistic, I just put too much pressure on at Turn 3.”

“I just dropped my knee and immediately crashed. I think it was a cold tire, so totally my mistake and I had to wait a little longer.

“But after the crash, I didn’t do anything, four or five corners, and I felt really good. So that’s positive because we understand that depending on the race, for example whether it’s wet or dry, we choose which tire need to use. “

While conditions improved dramatically in the afternoon, Yamaha again showed their phenomenal pace, at which they would have taken almost four out of four wins at Jerez.

On the subject of matching items

Vinales completed a late lap to take a place behind team-mate Fabio Quartararo and says we have a good rhythm.

“We have a really good rhythm. To be honest, doing a 1’32.1 is a fast rhythm and I could go to 1’31 but I didn’t have a good lap. I just missed a corner or another corner. I did trying to understand where the limit is, especially for the race, “added Vinales.

“I use the holeshot in some corners, but not on Turn 1 because you don’t brake. You just downshift 2 gears and go in. So I’m scared to use it.”

On the subject of matching items

But although Vinales didn’t choose to use the Holeshot device on lap one today, he will be using it at the start of the race.

Vinales said, “Anyway, I’ll use it in the beginning. I’ll try over the weekend, I’ll start by going fast and slow and then I’ll try.”

“But I don’t think it’s going to be a problem because it didn’t change too much in the end.

“Maybe the bike will spin a little less at Turn 1, but if you brake at Turn 2, it’s fine.”