Fight to Succeed Documentation Review: Good Summary of SRT Yamaha MotoGP Team’s 2020 Performance

Struggle to succeed

Director: Eugenio De Haro

Platform: Discovery +

Rating: 4/5

In motorsport, every pole position, goal and score counts when you’re fighting for the title.

It’s a breakneck sport and even teammates won’t stop breathing your neck. The Fight to Succeed documentaries focus on the campaign of the SRT Yamaha team at the 2020 MotoGP World Championship and its riders, Frenchman Fabio Quartararo and Italian Franco Morbidelli.

After a season that was interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic and several races were canceled, the season is finally starting.

The season was made interesting by the unfortunate fall of Honda rider Marc Marquez on the opening lap in Spain. With him below it was an open field.

Quartararo is a rookie but shows promise initially by winning races while the more experienced Morbidelli has the better bike but is not as good at it. It surprises everyone and in no time Quartararo is considered a title contender. With that, the series focuses on rivalry within the team.

That rivalry aside, the documentaries show how SRT Yamaha and the main Yamaha team grapple with technical issues even as the Suzuki team grows stronger and is on the hunt for the title. This makes Quartararo frustrated.

Quartararo wins the eighth race of the season and leads the championship by eight points over Suzuki’s Joan Mir. He finishes ninth in a rainy GP in France and extends his championship lead.

But then things go downhill for him and Morbidelli begins to rise. When a journalist asks him whether he will help the “others” to win the championship, he takes this as motivation and decides to follow the championship.

Quartararo is frustrated and even collapses in one scene.

What happens next is a gripping recap of the past season.

Fight to Succeed provides an accurate summary of the attempts made by the SRT Yamaha team.