Custom Honda RS150R makes the best impression of RC213-V MotoGP Bike

Repsol Honda’s RC213V is a fire-breathing prototype with 240 hp, a carbon fiber braking system and aerodynamic winglets. Marc Marquez has ridden the 1000 V-4 in all six of his most important championships and the bike has set the standard in MotoGP since 2012. On the other hand, Honda’s RS150R is more suited to congested thoroughfares than world-class routes.

But don’t say that to Malaysia’s Big Wheel Gang (GTB). The custom crew has a penchant for turning underbone motos into race-inspired street slayers. For GTB, Honda’s RC213V and RS150R are a heavenly combination, and they have turned the city moped into a paddock-worthy replica.

However, the team doesn’t just knock on Repsol and Red Bull stickers and put an end to it. GTB’s Rudy Norman leads the crew on a complete overhaul of Team Red’s sporty RS150R. The GTB style calls for 17-inch wheels and tires, but Norman had to retrofit a VFR 800 single-sided swingarm to make the sportbike tires compatible.

“It gave me many sleepless nights trying to figure out how to fit the swingarm into the frame, keep the geometry and still look good,” noted Norman. “Somehow we did it.”

In order to do justice to the new proportions and ambitions of the RS150R, GTB has also equipped the custom build with fully adjustable Öhlins suspension and robust Brembo brakes. Racing rubber increases the moped’s chain capabilities, but Norman knew the Repsol replica had to look like this too.

Based on the MotoGP rocket, GTB attached winglets to the front end and sharpened the body of the RS. Of course, Norman wraps the Honda moped in the iconic orange / white / red paint job. The addition of Red Bull branding and orange wheels brings the replica even closer to the real McCoy.

Norman even tested the supercharged RS150R on the Malaysian Aylezo kart track with positive results.

“We did this and after a few laps we realized that driving the GTB RCV replica was almost different from anything we had driven before,” added Norman.

Yes, the RS150R only has 15hp, but that doesn’t mean it can’t make the RC213V proud on the racetrack.