MotoGP, Petrucci: “I feel dirty. Would we have been racing if a MotoGP rider had died? “

Danilo Petrucci finished his Italian GP in 9th place (First among the Italians) and brings home seven points, which, more than for the rating, should give him the confidence to continue his way into the KTM Tech3. But the rider from Terni don’t want to talk about motorcycling today“Just enough, and with a deficit that is still clearly visible on a track like Mugello, where we lose a lot on the straights,” he defined his race, but over the last, chronologically ordered, emotionally difficult weekend of his career.

“It was difficult to get onto the track today, not for sporting reasons, of course, but from a human point of view. I feel dirty thinking about how we rode the same track that a nineteen year old died yesterday. I don’t think it’s normal, but we are unable to stop. “

What Petrucci denies as a person is that lack of communication and lack of commitment on the part of drivers in the decision to move on to the weekend.

“In other similar situations that have occurred in the past, we have at least carried out a briefing with the drivers. We didn’t do that yesterday. Nobody told us anything after the accident and three minutes after the helicopter took off, the pit lane was open as if nothing had happened. Of course, we drivers understood the seriousness of the situation. Nobody asked us what we wanted to do, but they have to remember that inside the helmet there are people who are thinking that if it happens to a friend or colleague today, to another, in short, it could happen to you tomorrow. “

And he closes his reflection with a perhaps rhetorical question: “Would it have been any different if it had happened to a MotoGP rider?