MotoGP, Zarco: The contact? I’m the one who almost fell

The pole position achieved on Saturday had made a real difference Johann Zarco was one of the contenders for victory in Assen, but things went differently. After losing the lead, the Frenchman stayed at the front until the last few laps when his decision to switch to rain tires didn’t pay off and instead relegated him to 14th place.

Still is Zarco sees the glass half full: “In general I can say that it was a positive day. I had an excellent start from pole position and with the dry tarmac at the beginning of the race I was able to take the lead with great confidence. Then I started fighting with the riders behind me, alternating positions, however Compared to them, I had problems at various points along the route, I was definitely able to stay tight for a while, but then it started to rain. “

And here are the big ones The turning point in the race came for Johann.

“To be honest, at the time I was very nervous about the idea of ​​falling because I was at the limit, so I decided to switch bikes. It didn’t rain enough in the end, but I think that’s part of the game, as well as mistakes like the one that led to my being punished with a drive through. I still think it was a positive Sunday as I was quick on the dry track and cheered for the podium. That is the goal and we have to work towards it, but we are already close. “

Another important moment in Zarco’s race was the contact with Rossi, which could have cost both drivers the race.

“When I saw it go far, I tried to go in because I wanted to stay in front, but his cornering speed was very good. I was bent over to the right so I couldn’t see anything, and when I decided to try again, we touched. I’m the one who almost fell, but at least I managed to save the bike. “

So there are no regrets and no excuses for the Frenchman, who is proving to be athletic anyway: “He was a warrior and won. He has proven himself to be a role model again today. “