Francesco Bagnaia and the first time he met Valentino Rossi: “I was nervous about meeting my idol”

Francesco Bagnaia is one of the protagonists of this championship and before returning to Misano he is the only one who can make the championship impossible for Fabio Quartararo. Speaking to CNN during the GP of the Americas, Bagnaia brought up an issue not so closely related to the MotoGP championship: the reason for his nickname “Pecco”.

My sister is only 20 months older than me. When we were young she found it hard to call me “Francesco” so she called me “Pecco, Pecco, Pecco!” every morning and I liked it, ”he explained.

At that time, the Italian also spoke of his first personal encounter with Valentino Rossi. The current Ducati rider also shared the role of # 46 in this crucial phase of the season:

  • I remember very well the first time I met him. We had dinner … and Vale came into the restaurant with our trainer. I was very nervous about meeting my idol. It was strange to have my idol in front of me and shake hands. I think we’re good friends now and we talk a lot about my championship. For the past month, he’s always talked to me about being the best in order to get better and better.