MotoGP: Yamaha and Vinales cancel contract, part immediately – Roadracing World Magazine


Yamaha and Maverick Viñales have mutually decided to move ahead with their separation and to end their previous agreement for 2021 with immediate effect.

Gerno di Lesmo (Italy), August 20, 2021

After the Dutch GP (June 28, 2021) it was announced that Yamaha and Maverick Viñales would end their two-year contract for 2021-2022 early at the end of the current MotoGP season.

After the recent events at the GP Styria and after careful consideration of both parties, it was mutually agreed to part with immediate effect.



“In Assen, Yamaha and Viñales already announced the joint decision to cancel their original program in 2021-2022 and to end it at the end of 2021. Both the driver and the team have committed to continue until the end of the current season, the team guarantees their full support and the driver gives his maximum so that we can finish the project ‘in style’.

“Unfortunately the race at the Styrian GP did not go well or ended well and so, after careful consideration by both sides, the joint decision was made that it would be better for both sides if we ended the partnership earlier. The early separation gives the driver the freedom to follow his chosen future direction and allows the team to concentrate on the remaining races of the 2021 season with a replacement driver yet to be determined.

“I would like to sincerely thank Yamaha Maverick. Yamaha will continue to cherish the good memories and appreciate the work that both sides have spent together over the 4.5 years that have brought us 8 race wins, 24 podiums and two third places in the 2017 and 2019 overall rider rankings.

“We wish Maverick all the best for the future.”



“After our joint decision in Assen to part ways a year earlier, it was also decided to end the current season with maximum commitment from both sides. At the Styrian GP, ​​however, the race did not go as hoped and unfortunately did not end well.

“After careful consideration, both parties have agreed to end the partnership with immediate effect.

“I am deeply grateful to Yamaha for this great opportunity. I am also grateful for the support you have given me during these 4.5 years of racing and I will look back with pride on the results we have achieved together.

“I will always have great respect for Yamaha and wish them all the best.”