MotoGP, rain and cold: Michelin is preparing for the Le Mans challenge

Not only manufacturers and drivers have their own home GPs, but also Michelin: Le Mans, where they are racing this weekend. The Bugatti circuit has always been a challenge for the tires, not only because of its configuration (which puts stress on the front tires when braking hard and the rear tires when accelerating slowly), but also because of the unpredictable weather conditions that week.

The forecast is uncertain this year too and rain during the race weekend cannot be ruled out Three classic mixtures (soft, medium and hard) are available to the riders: the front hard one and all the rear ones are asymmetrical (with a harder right side) and the rest are symmetrical. On wet roads, the rain tires will be available in soft and medium compounds for both the front (symmetrical) and the rear axle (asymmetrical).

“We are all really looking forward to our home race and the various challenges it will offer us and the drivers. So far this season we’ve been on tracks with warm and dry conditions, but at Le Mans the weather could be changeable at this time of year and this could give the drivers the opportunity to take advantage of the high level of grip offered by our 2021 rain tires,declared Michelin manager Piero Taramasso.

After the first race in Jerez, MotoE will also be on the track. The Energicas will use medium-sized tires in the front and soft tires in the rear, with only soft compounds for electric bikes in the rain.

“It will also be good for the MotoE riders to have their second race weekend of the season after the first in Jerez and to give them another opportunity to showcase our greener range of tires that we have developed especially for them, the electric vehicles from Energica a wide range of sustainable materials, from car waste and truck tires to orange and lemon peel, ”added Taramasso.