Rins criticizes his “stupid mistakes” in MotoGP 2021

Rins fell second from the battle for victory in Portugal last month and dropped early from sixth in the following Spanish Grand Prix.

In the wet Le Mans race on Sunday, Rins recovered from 15th place on the grid, took the podium at the end of the fifth lap and left the pit lane behind leading Marc Marquez.

But he immediately crashed in the Dunlop chicane and missed another podium opportunity before falling again later in the race.

Words fail Rins’ current form, not least because he insists that the improvements made to the GSX-RR in 2021 will allow him to “do what I want”.

“It’s true that I have crashed a lot this season,” said Rins on Sunday at Le Mans, 57 points behind in the championship standings.

“I’m taking on all the crashes that we haven’t made in the last two years.

“I don’t know what to answer because I feel good. I work hard at home with all of my co-workers. It happens sometimes, I don’t know.

“We have improved the bike a lot. I have to apologize to the team because this year is the year I feel stronger on the bike. I do what I want – except in qualifying.

“But I’m doing what I want here at Le Mans. We had a lot of struggles and in the dry conditions we were so quick from the start.

“We got out of Q2 for free, we finished 11th by putting on only one tire at the beginning.

“We have improved the bike a lot, we just make stupid mistakes.

“Today we did the impossible. We overtook the first lap in fourth or fifth, and I made up 10 positions on the first lap.

“I got into the pits and changed bikes so quickly that I made up one position, then another stupid fall.”

Rins admits it’s hard to stay focused in his current crisis at the moment, but has vowed to “reset” again for the Italian GP.

“It’s a bit tough at those moments not to look up at the guys on the team,” he added.

“With these three falls in the last three races, we are going through a difficult moment.

“It’s not easy. It’s difficult for me too.

“But I will do another reset and arrive at Mugello with the same strength.

“I’ll try to fight in Mugello. I mean, that’s all we can do now. “

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