SBK, Saccone, UDC: “How many others like Viñales before the government and the Federation intervene?”

Politics enters the field after the events in Jerez, where Dean Berta Viñales lost his life in the SuperSport 300 race. UDC spokesman Antonio Saccone called on the government and federation to become aware of the situation and to send a strong signal that a similar tragedy will not repeat itself in Italy.

According to the DIRE news agency Saccone asked the Secretary of State for Sport for an answer regarding the treatment of the problem and develop a program to be proposed to the government and the Federation to address this risk. How that will happen we can only guess, but the simplest solution is that we can prohibit very young drivers from participating in Italian territory and participating in racetracks.

“After the recent superbike tragedy in Spain” Saccone started, “Where a minor, Dean Berta Viñales, lost his life and after the death of another young man in Italy on the Mugello circuit in the Moto3 World Championship, collective awareness and institutional responsibility is required. Hhe many other young people and minors will still have to die before the Federation and the Government intervene? “

Senator Saccone also had the opportunity to meet with Michel Fabrizio. to get into conversation who announced his retirement from the competitions in protest after the incident in Viñales. A protest that apparently was picked up by the right people.

“We need a strong initiative so that at least in Italy we don’t have to experience any more tragedies in national and international competitions.” Sacone continuation. “I had the opportunity to speak to the SBK vice world champion Michel Fabrizio, who announced his retirement from racing after the tragedy in Spain, and I can agree with him that – a beautiful sport that needs to be preserved and that millions of fans want to have fun with without thinking that the norm is for someone to die in these conditions – the superbike and other smaller categories they are no longer a sport, but a pathetic form of exploitation of young human lives destined to be sacrificed on the altar of the economy. We have enough.”