MotoGP, Michelin tire test planned for Phillip Island

At the Pramac-Generac Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix there is an additional 20-minute tire test session for MotoGP. Class on friday. This takes place from 3:55 p.m. to 4:15 p.m. local time and does not count towards the combined training time.

The session is intended for the official MotoGP tire supplier Michelin the opportunity to test a new slick rear tire on a particularly demanding track for the rear. This latest development has a new construction designed to improve performance on all tracks and has already been tested in the tests in Barcelona, ​​Brno and Misano to be introduced in 2020. The version that Michelin will bring to the Australian Grand Prix is ​​asymmetrical with a harder left side and features the existing compounds specially developed to counter the enormous stresses that Phillip Island tires are subjected to.

Each driver has a rear tire in the new specification available and can choose between a soft and a medium mixture. Drivers are also given an additional front tire of their preferred specification – soft, medium or hard – and are asked to complete at least 11 timed laps. A decision is then made after the 20-minute evaluation session whether the rear tire will be included in next year’s race weekend allocation.

This tire test session may only be carried out in dry conditions and the race management may therefore be asked to change the schedule accordingly.