Adrian_26 finishes the MotoGP eSport Championship 2021 with two brave rides

Adrian_26 fought to the end in two tough races with a never giving up attitude to keep his crown.

The 2021 MotoGP eSport Championship came to a glorious conclusion when the eleven finalists competed for the title in two races in Valencia. Adriaan_26 went into the weekend as defending champion on board the Repsol Honda team’s virtual machine.

Adrian finished third on the grid in race one at Austin, just 0.082 seconds from pole position, and was involved in a corner one accident involving title rivals AndrewZH and others. Climbed back up in tenth, the Repsol Honda Team rider put his head down and started to catch up with the leaders. A steady run of laps and incidents meant that the defending champion made up ground and moved up to fourth place with the best pace on the track by the middle of the race. In a great drive, Adrian would be on the podium in the final race and everything would be at stake.

With double points on the finish line for the last race of the championship and of the year, Adrian started in sixth place with one goal: victory. Adriaan_26 took a place off the line and moved up to fifth place in the first corners, the leaders just ahead. As the middle of the race approached, the Repsol Honda team rider began attacking Riccardo more and more to find a way out. The two kept exchanging punches over the final laps, but a late crash ended Adrian’s title challenge.

With 164 points in the eight races in 2021, Adrian is fourth overall in the championship.