MotoGP, Pecco Bagnaia says he’s still friends with Rossi after Sunday’s race

Pecco Bagnaia has already completed its tests in Misano. After a productive morning, he preferred to rest his leg after Sunday’s exertions. “After a few laps I noticed that I was tired, but now I will have two days of absolute rest before I get back on the bike,” explained the Pramac team rider.

It’s impossible not to ask him about Sunday’s race, and especially about an episode that hit fans in the lap of honor when Rossi appeared mad at him.

“It wasn’t clear from the pictures on TV, but we were quite aloof and if we had hugged we would have fallen off the bike – he explains – it seemed like Valentino was yelling at me, but in reality I asked him if he? Had it been 3rd it would have been fantastic. Don’t worry, we’re still friends ” he smiles.

Have you seen the race again, do you regret it?

“I’ve watched it at least 6 or 7 times (laughs). Unfortunately, I had problems with the front tire on the first laps because the pressure eased and from the moment everything was normal, I was able to push ”.

How does it feel to get back on the bike after your first podium in MotoGP?

“If it was a normal season I could have enjoyed it more, but there are 3 races in a row to think about. It’s definitely a great pleasure, the team did an amazing job and the Riders Academy riders were great. They are all happy ”.

Did you speak to Ducati’s top management after the podium?

“Yes, but only about the race and these tests (laughs)”.

Which race do you expect on Sunday?

“For me I amIt will be different because now I know my leg won’t cause me any problems so that I can start well from Friday. I have to see if the rear center tire is an option for the race. “

The next goal is victory …

“I want to be as competitive as I was last week”.

Did this morning help with testing?

“I am satisfied with how it went, I was able to keep a very good pace and did my best lap on used tires. I also tried a completely new rear wheel set-up, this is a solution that could help me in the future.

Have you also tried the radio communication system?

“Yes, but only in the garage. The headset didn’t isolate the sound well and I didn’t want to go deaf (laughs) so I used earplugs to drive. In the future I’ll definitely try, although I don’t think it’s really useful for warning about yellow or red flagsas they can usually be seen without any problems. There were some problems with that in Jerez, but light panels would be better, like in Formula 1. Instead, it would be interesting to use the radio to hear the communication from the pits. “

Marquez started exercising again 6 weeks after surgery today, how long did you wait?

“Only 5 days because my goal was to race in Misano. For an operation like mine it would normally take a 2 month break, but I couldn’t and didn’t want to wait that long and we shortened the time. However, It’s not easy, I lost 4 pounds because I couldn’t exercise normally, but it’s amazing how the body can change after an operation “.

Do you think it’s even more complicated for Marquez?

“Every person is different, Marc showed that he is an animal, what he did four days after the operation in Jerez was incredible. It is certainly difficult to get back into training after such a long time.