MotoGP, Marquez: “I apologized to Martin, it was entirely my fault”

Marc Marquez had started the race for the podium and crashed after a few corners on the first lap after involving Jorge Martin in a risky attempt to overtake. For the eight-time world champion, it was the third fall of the weekend. Are there any similarities between these falls? Something in common that they could have produced?

“No. With Bastianini the situation was obviously completely different. He was in the middle of the track. Often you don’t even notice how fast things are going in MotoGP,” explained Marc. “As for the race, I apologize to Martin. It was all my fault. I was too optimistic. Martin went far. I didn’t have time to switch to the second and then the third. I’ve miscalculated. I also apologized to Pramac. I was too optimistic. This is racing. I made a mistake today. “

How did Jorge take your apology?

“The first thing I did was go to hospitality because he was eating. I feel bad because we had the pace to fight for the podium. It’s true that we were out of line, and neither he nor I were well placed. I’m sorry I ruined his race. Jorge accepted my apology. It’s psychologically difficult to make these mistakes, especially when you involve others. “

Three falls are a lot. You are obviously not driving as usual.

“No, I don’t drive like I used to. In FP1 it was a bad crash, but it was caused by a cold tire. In the second I was slow. I had a sudden vibration that surprised me. Then I made a mistake on the first lap. I had already touched Martin in the seventh lap. I didn’t do the math well. I was too optimistic. You have to be very careful on the first lap. This year is tough, both physically and mentally. But we have to insist because if I improve I’ll be quick again and things will change. “

What exactly went wrong?

“I see the reality of the moment in which I live. My intention was to overtake. Something had to happen that didn’t. From turn seven I was badly positioned. I was wrong and if you are wrong you have to endure all the criticism you get. “

What bothers you the most?

“I am angry that I ruined another driver’s race. And then it was a good race to fight for the podium. The good thing is that I was quick, which gives me the motivation to keep fighting. I have to keep working. That’s the reality.”

Quartararo won through domination. It is his fifth success. Is the world championship over?

“You can never say that the World Championship is over, but Fabio is the fastest on the track and he defended himself in Austria, where he had problems. I said a long time ago that I would bet on him and I repeat it. He pushes four or five laps and then controls the race. “