Catalunya MotoGP: Miller: I gave it! Just let go of the back very quickly | MotoGP

Jack Miller suffered a highside crash at turn three, but not before putting his factory Ducati into second place on the grid for tomorrow’s Catalan MotoGP.

The winner in Jerez and Le Mans had to complete Q1 after a difficult FP3 session, but the Australian used the first qualifying successfully – with a time of 1: 38.900s.

In the Q2 session, Miller made his penultimate flying lap, but the Ducati rider suffered the big crash just three turns later on turn three.

“To be honest, I got through turn three highside pretty well. I did my fastest lap and then the next – only had one tire for Q2 – and the next, usually the tire is a little small” on the second lap better and yes, it just let go very quickly, “said Miller of the fall.

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“I gave something, but it let go really quickly. Unfortunately, TC (traction control) couldn’t save me and sent me over the front, but I came out pretty well, to be honest.

“I landed on my back and kind of slipped, so it wasn’t that bad. We’re back here in the front row. We definitely found a lot of pace in FP4, we took a good step with the bike, so I feel “Relatively excited about tomorrow’s race, especially now from the front row.

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“I think it will be crucial for tomorrow’s race and hopefully we can get it to Fabio [Quartararo]. ”

Many riders complained about the poor grip conditions on day one, but Miller said it improved today, while “setup” improvements were the reason for his solid FP4 pace.

Miller added: “Sure, the grip level has improved a bit, but our setup has also improved a lot.

“My pace was good, I ran seventeen laps – I don’t know why I did that! But it felt good out there. I was able to keep the 40s, okay, not the 39s like Fabio, but usually in the race I find that certain something.

“If you can do a 17-lap run in FP4 when you don’t really have to, that means you’re doing a good job and at least I’m having fun. So that’s a good thing.”