SBK, Sykes: “I have no regrets, BSB and MotoAmerica are options for the future”

Tom Sykes returned after a 2 month hiatus from the injury sustained in the Barcelona race and ended his adventure in BMW and likely the Superbike World Championship with a 10 two races today. It’s a chapter that gave Sykes a lot of satisfaction and some disappointment, especially in the recent past when it was sidelined without much regret by the German manufacturer.

“It was a two-part and somewhat bittersweet year. During the season we had to develop a lot and race at the same time, which is not an easy task,” said the Englishman, taking stock of 2021, in which he took pole twice and was on the podium – on this one Level it is necessary to concentrate on the races. The decision in August surprised me and from then on it took a bitter turn, but there were also some positive things. I have no regrets in my life I learned a few lessons and this year I learned another one, I realized it and will move on ”.

Sykes also talked about today and a BMW that looked very lively in the wet. “Driving here in the wet is a pleasure, there is a lot of grip and it makes the race even more fun – said Sykes, who echoed a concept also expressed by the man who won Race 2, Jonathan Rea – I would say that all the drivers were pleasantly impressed with the grip. The track is also very wide, it is very nice to drive, it is physically demanding between turns 7 and 9, but we have to congratulate everyone who was involved in the construction As for the BMW, it is good in wet conditions, I think the riders are good at getting around some of the bike’s limits and getting closer to the positions we deserve. Of course, in the dry it is not possible to do the same thing in the same way. Today I think the approach was different, I’m happy for Michael, he deserves the result. “

Tom then spoke about his future, which is still uncertain, but will certainly not be at the World Cup at least in 2022: “I’m still looking around, there are no confirmations. It’s a shame, I came back from an injury this weekend, the risks of which many don’t understand, and I qualified for the second row on the grid. In my opinion, I was also limited in driving, I know that the potential is there in the wet. In an ideal world, I would certainly have stayed in the World Cup, as I have for the past 13 years, but sometimes one door closes and another opens. As for BSB or Motoamerica, of course I took them into account, my passion is racing. You can say that the tracks are narrower there and so on. In the end, even when I was world champion, I ran through Laguna Seca with my ex-crew boss and said I would have loved to race there for a year, so I’m definitely interested. I know BSB, I’ve been there, it’s a very well organized championship and it’s very competitive. If I drive there, I’ll have the goal in my back. I turned 36 this year, but I feel like 25, I’m enjoying the race, we’ll see what we can organize. As I said, I was a little unprepared because I was given the decision too late, and I will have to react accordingly. “

In any case, no chance to see him drive with BMW in other series, which Sykes said in conclusion: “I have no other options with BMW, but as I said, other things are at stake and now that the races are over.” we’ll take a closer look at them “.