MotoGP, Quartararo: “I haven’t learned anything from Aragon. Alex Marquez amazed me. “

What did you learn today “I haven’t learned anything. It was impossible to learn anything from this race. The conditions were exceptional. “

Fabio Quartararo looked for neither excuses nor justifications. Sometimes disasters have to be accepted as they are.

“I didn’t learn anything because I had a technical problem. There was something strange about my bike that prevented me from going fast. It’s strange, but in the end we’ll try to fix everything next weekend. “

He took on his race even if the Petronas driver fell behind in the overall standings and lost first place: everything has to be done again.

The problem was that from the third lap the tire pressure was too high, which made it difficult for me

On the other hand, this is the craziest championship in the world with eight different drivers who have won the ten races. So Quartararo looks ahead.

“I didn’t have any physical problems. I was fine. I drove well up to the third lap. Everything was fine, then I felt something with the tires. Such a high pressure was unusual. We need to understand better what happened. We have to work on that. “

One wonders: what more do the Suzukis from Yamaha have than the others? Fabio will also have to answer this question in the next few days, which will separate him from the next GP, which will again be held here in Aragon.

“The Suzukis didn’t just surprise me today, The driver who impressed me the most was Alex Marquez. I didn’t expect this step forward. It was such a big leap forward. “

Petronas will have to work hard. Quartararo ended by saying, “We have never fought for a podium. We also have to work harder to understand all the technical changes that need to be made.”